March 28, 2013

Non-Scale Victories Linkup, March 28, 2013

Hello lovelies!!  It's time for my favorite post of the week:  NSV Thursday!  This is the time that we get reflect on all of the great, healthy things we did this week that are NOT scale related.
I continued to try to drink my water and eat my fruits; the hard part about the fruit consumption is that right now there aren't a whole lotta good-tasting fruits so I'm stuck with the usuals:  apples, pears, bananas, grapes...I love Cuties, but I'm the only one who eats them so I cannot justify paying $8 for a crate of them when I won't eat them all.  This week was weird as far as my water intake, because I noticed that I was having to go to the bathroom even MORE but I'm not drinking any more than I did last week!??  I swear our bodies are so finicky.
This next one may not be considered an NSV, but in a way I feel like it is.  I usually try to work out for like 3 hours a day on the weekends.  It's a lot...but I feel like when I do that I can be a little lax on what I eat and not be so obsessive.  The problem is that 6 hours of working out on the weekend is psycho-insane.  Don't get me wrong, I honestly love working out and when I have downtime, it's the first thing I'll use to fill it...but I need to do other things...I love to paint but I don't make the time for it...I also never get to sit on the couch & watch movies with my Hubby because I can never sit still long enough to do it...those are the things I should be making time for.  So my NSV in this sense is that I vowed NOT to work out that long AND to be more conscious of not going over my calories.  AND, I got some good couch time with my Man - we watched "This is 40"...twice, it was SO funny!

In doing some research on working out, I've been trying to get in more QUALITY workouts and doing more interval training.  My bestie sent me a great article about Burst Training and I'm trying to incorporate more of these types of workouts in.  They apparently burns many more calories overall than a typical cardio workout.  Definitely worth trying.

This one should probably wait for the 5K Challenge Linkup but I'm just so excited I have to share.  I'm officially RUNNING a 5K on June 1st - ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!  I just found out yesterday that my company is sponsoring one locally and since I was already planning to run our virtual one, why not commit to an official race??  I can't believe how excited and SCARED I am!!  Every time I think about it I get butterflies-in-my-tummy-nervous and come close to crying from being so afraid but that stressed out feeling I get when I don't want to do something is NOT there...that's a good sign, right??

I also had an overwhelming urge to eat everything in sight yesterday...but I didn't!!  Ohhhh, my inner fat girl was a beast, trying so hard to get me to eat a bunch of bad things, but I didn't let that bitch get the best of me.  Winning!

Hope you had some great non-scale victories, as well! 

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  1. I am a Cutie addict, too. Love those things. I get them by the bag instead of a crate. They last in the fridge. I've recently discovered black seedless grapes and they are so good! I'm checking out the burst training. I like to do intervals on the treadmill and so enjoy it. Can't wait to browse your recipes!
    Have a great day,
    Lulu and Daisy

  2. Don't be scared!! I'm so excited for our virtual 5K!

    I have an addiction to Cuties too.. I'm just weird about peeling them. I have issues with texture, so the stringy part just icks me out completely.


  3. I love cuties too, but they are so dang expensive, I only buy them when they are one sale!! good for you for not letting that B (inner fat girl) win yesterday, and how exciting about the 5k!! Whoop WHoop!!

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I'll be following you too! I also love Cuties. I have to eat two at a time though. I never eat just one. :)

  5. That is so awesome that you signed up for a 5k!!! Go Jenn!

  6. I'm doing my first 5K in July. I need to go ahead and register and make it official

  7. I'm addicted to Cuties - we can easily go through one of those crates in a week! Good for you for signing up for a 5k! Don't be scared - that feeling of crossing the finish line is the best!

  8. Yay for the 5 k I found two in June just haven't pulled the trigger and registered yet. I'm gonna check it that burst training. I know HIIT training is good for burning more calories.

  9. Hey girl! I nominated you for a Liebster on my blog! Check it out here: