June 5, 2014

NSV Thursday

Well hello there!!

It's been awhile since I shared on the NSV Linkup but not because I haven't wanted to!  I think I just get worried that no one wants to read that I'm still just plugging along.

Certainly, when I started this blog and journey, I thought I'd be at my goal weight by now but I have come to realize that what I want and what will happen are two different things.  You sort of know how hard it's going to be but no one tells you that there are going to be MANY moments throughout this journey when you are going to have to dig deep within your soul to find the strength to continue on.  But you do...if you want it badly enough...and I do.  So, I'm over half way there, and that's okay - because that's the thing...I made it PAST the halfway point...and I'm still going.  In fact, right now, I've been at a plateau for 7 months.  If you had told me when I began that I would have a 7-month plateau, I may not have even started.  But again, throughout this whole process you sort of start to learn how strong you really are.  That's an NSV right there, wouldn't you agree?


More recently, I completed a month-long bootcamp with my trainer and I was pretty happy with the results.  I posted this pic on Instagram last week - I improved a lot!  It was cool to see a starting point and an end result.  In the beginning I could do 12 rounds of the workout and by the last day I could do 17 - whoop!

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Also, this week I decided that I'd do a smoothie cleanse...I'm not at all a fan of fad things, I have to tell you.  Like I will plug along doing my thing counting calories and working out for the rest of my life...it works for me and it fits into my life.  I'm not about to start crazy redonkulous diet schemes to see what happens.  This however, was something I could do.  Basically, you drink a fruit and veggie smoothie for breakfast and lunch and eat a lean protein dinner with veggies while eating some proteins and veggies throughout the day.  Uh...not much different than what I do now except I usually have a salad for lunch.  See what I mean, it has to fit into my life.  I decided to do this particular cleanse because I came off a few weekends of kind of eating whatever I wanted so I thought this might shake things up (see said 7-month plateau) and who doesn't think fruits veggies and lean proteins are good for you?  I feel pretty great, it's only 5 days, and I guess we'll see.  I think if the results work for me, I will probably do something like this to reboot perhaps after vacation.  I'll keep you posted!

On a separate note, if you're looking for a great, healthy salad that screams SUMMER to take along to picnics and gatherings this season, check this Tomato Cannellini Salad out - it's DELISH!

A Healthy Makeover:  Recipes

Hope you all had some fabulous NSV's this week and thanks to KTJ and Samantha for hosting this great linkup!