March 4, 2013

Monday Weigh In 3/4/13

Hello everyone!

Now that the Biggest Loser Challenge with Java Mama is over, I thought that I'd still continue to post my weigh-ins on Monday.  This week was a great weigh-in, however, it was a confusing one!

We all know how a gain on the scale feels when we have a great week and work hard for a good number.  But don't you ALSO (love to) hate when you haven't had a great week, but you see an unexpected loss??  Well, I know that I hate it for the reason that it just doesn't make a whole lotta sense...and I like things to make sense. OBVIOUSLY, I'm incredibly happy, but there's still my confusion of knowing WHY?????  and HOW????

I'm going to chalk it up to my body possibly needing a little change up...I don't know what else to contribute it to!??  I mean, last week, as I mentioned in my NSV's, I ate the best breakfast I've had in a long time (mmmm, banana bread french toast!) and I ate funeral food for 3 days straight...and yet...

I lost 2.2lbs!

Hey, I'm not giving it back; I'll keep it but it just makes me shake my head.  I did do well for the rest of the week, so the whole week wasn't shot.

So here we go:

Weekly weigh-in:  -2.2
Total on my journey:  52.9 lbs lost

Like I said, I'm certainly celebrating it...but it just goes to show that our bodies are going to do whatever the heck they want to...and when I get to a week in my future in which I've busted my butt and don't see a budge on the scale, I'm going to try to remember that I got a little freebie this week.

How did you do??


  1. That is a wonderful loss! Our bodies are ridiculously crazy. Sometimes when we eat badly, we lose weight. But then sometimes when we eat healthy, we gain weight. You are so right in the fact that maybe your body just needed a little change.