June 27, 2013

Non-Scale Victory Linkup!


Hey Heyyyyy!  It's Non-Scale Victory Thursdayyyy!  Time to celebrate our healthy achievements that have nothing to do with that dang scale.

I'm continuing to try to master this whole running thing.  Since last week, I've gotten in two great runs but I've really wanted to do more. It has been unbelievably hot here in the Mid-Atlantic region...blehhhh...I normally workout right after work when it is basically at its hottest so instead of running, I've had to come up with different workouts.  The problem with this is that I HEART running...and I like running outside so the gym/treadmill is just not calling me.  Sooo, I've been going home to ellipitcal it while watching RHOC...I used to love my elliptical and my reality TV watching time, but I just don't love it anymore.  The weird thing is that even though I've been working out, I feel like I'm struggling.  I guess maybe it's because I'm not feeling challenged enough?

Does anyone else ever feel this way?

Anywhoo...back to the two runs I DID get in!  On Saturday, I got up and set out to get a good long run in.  I told myself that I didn't need to push for another 5 miles, but that if I felt great enough I'd just keep going until I didn't want to anymore.  Remember how I said it was HOT?  O.M.G.  Saturday was miserable and I was out the door by 8:00am!  As I was headed out, Hubs said, "You want to take some water with you?" and I was all, "No...I don't feel like carrying it."  Yah, I should have listened to him (shhh, don't tell him I said so...)  By the time I got home, I had gotten 3.5miles in but I seriously felt like I was going to puke.  And not figuritively, like...uh, oh...

Side note:  I have emotophobia...the fear of vomiting...stop laughing, it's a real thing...no, no, really, look it up...#bigbaby

In case you were wondering, I didn't throw up.  But I will probably pay more attention to my body when it's hot out and get my ass home next time..orrrr, maybe bring some water with me.

My 2nd run was yesterday and here's the NSV part:  I got up EARLY...like before work...and rocked a quick 2.5 miles in 29 minutes!  I say quick, because that's quick for my wogging butt.  It was nice and cool out there - wayyy better than 92°.

Afterwards, I got ready for work and jumped in my vehicle and I felt this great sense of accomplishment...that happens EVERY single time I work out in the morning...so I got to thinking...WHY don't I work out in the freakin' mornings???  Welll...because I despise setting my alarm earlier than I absolutely need to.

But this whole morning workout thing?  I kinda loved it.  I felt such a sense of freedom thinking about the rest of the day and how I didn't have to rush home and work out...and you must understand:  I will make the time to work out after work...it's what I've been doing for 18 months and I never have an issue with other things because it is my priority and everyone knows it.  But what I'm saying is that I really, really need to consider this other possibility because one of the things I think about a lot is that I have other things in my life I don't get to do because I don't have time for them.  For example, in the Fall I'm going to be a Grad student...I cannot comprehend going home, working out and then making a healthy dinner and thennnn sitting down to work on school work.  So, I gotta get this morning thing down now, you know?


So, my goals for the next week are to get up and run in the morning at least 3 times.  And tomorrow is my first challenge.  Wish me luck!

If you're not a morning person either, check out these morning running tips.

What were your NSVs this week??

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  1. way to go girl. Iam such a non morning person. I want to do am workouts...and on my dreadmill but I never wake up unlesa it the time to get up :(
    #Bravo on the runs and morning run

  2. Holy crap! I feel miserable for you thinking about how hot it must have been. YUCK haha. Great job!!!

  3. Back when I was a regular gym-goer, I did some 5:15 am spin classes. Getting up was hard, but I felt so good for the day! Way to push yourself! Great NSV!


  4. I am not much of a morning person either, not that I really half to staying home, but I am super selfish with my evening family time so I totally get why you are willing to switch to the mornings for exercise!! Keep it up, as always you are doing amazing and thanks for linking up with us!!

  5. I'm not a morning person either. But waking up early in the morning to workout is the only sure method of finding the time to get in a daily run. I have trouble waking up on time in the mornings. I'm still train myself to do it. Good luck with your goal.


  6. I love how I feel when I get home at 7 after working out at 6. it's awesome and it makes me feel good ALL day! Way to go on your great victories this week!
    PS--I haven't shipped the books yet, but will send them. So busy this week. ugh!
    Happy Friday!

  7. I love morning runs! I think it`s cause I`m a night person and enjoy the sunrise but still.