June 12, 2013

Workout Wednesday - June 12, 2013


Hello there!  It's time for Workout Wednesday with my girl Skinny Meg!  I love this linkup because I get so many great workout ideas to try!

This week, I've been really good about keeping track for you and even taking lovely sweaty pics to share - lucky, lucky you!

Wednesday - We headed to a great local park that has an actual rock/paved track and this cool station where you can do other exercises like situps and pullups and such.  We hit the trail a couple times around and then headed back to kick some trees....yes, you read me right.  What follows is the conversation I had with my Hubs (who won't even let us have a real Christmas tree because he can't stomach the thought of 'killing a tree'...) when he called me during..."You're kicking trees!????"  "Hell yah, you gotta problem with that??"  "Um, hayuhhhh...that's a crime against nature!!!"  Okay, so we didn't actually kick any trees...but we did tap some sweet tree ass.

This is a really great workout for your backside, flanky area, legs and abs.  Basically what you do is balance on one foot (like you would for a side kick in combat or kickboxing) and with the other, tap the tree (or solid object) continuously for one minute.  Then switch sides...and, daaaannng...you're gonna be sore.  I love this!

Thursday - I decided to try Fitness Blender - everyone's been talking about it and it was super rainy and yucky outside so I headed home to try it out.  I have to say, this might be one of my favorite new workouts.  It's free and they have great videos where you can choose a body part to focus on or just do a full body workout.  I ended up trying three of them (cardio, abs, butt) for a great 50+ minute workout.  And let me tell you, I was sweat balls after only 10 minutes.
Love my AppleTV!


Saturday - This is the workout I'm MOST excited about - I ran 5 miles!  I cannot express to you how much this run meant to me.  After not being able to run my entire 5k, I was kind of defeated so I set out on Saturday just to redeem myself. I didn't have a plan to run a specific amount of miles, I just wanted to get out there.  What I really wanted to do was prove to myself that my 5k performance was a fluke.  I had run the same distance before many times but that dang 5k was haunting me!  So out I set to just do what I could.  The weather was perfect:  overcast and cool and I just went for it.  I was feeling really great and decided that I would try to push myself a little - when I got to 3.1, I decided 4 would be great...then when I got to 4, I was like why not just go for 5??  So I did!  I was so pumped, you have no idea - when I hit 5 miles, I just stopped...I could have kept going, but I didn't need to...I laughed though because I honestly squealed my excitement in the street.  I don't even give a rat's ass if anyone saw me.

I am seriously loving this running thing.  Even though on Saturday night, I was pretty sore - I'm old!  But, it was so worth it.

Yah, Baby!

Monday - I was ready for some weights and it was Hubs and my anniversary so I didn't want to be at the gym for a long time.  I did 150 weighted bar squats, 75 Russian Twists, 100 Jumping Jacks and front jacks, 100 crunches, side crunches, two :30 planks, handweight fly's, and lunges with handweights.  I was getting ready to leave when Hubs called me to tell me to stay put because there was a Tornado Warning in effect.  Now, even though I love Hubs with all my heart and was excited to get home to see him, I never mind being at the gym, so I jumped onto the Stairmaster to sweat some more and wait the storm out.

Excuse the fuzzy - hard to take a pic while you're climbing moving stairs...but check out my lovely sweat pool...heh heh...why does it feel awesome when it's your own sweat but gag-worthy if you came across someone else's sweaty nastiness?
Tuesday - More Fitness Blender!  This time I enlisted my running buddy and sweat our asses off for 38 minutes and I burned 338 calories in that short amount of time!

I need to remember that not all workouts have to be a certain amount of time - you can still get a really great workout, if it's the right workout, in a shorter time.

So, that's my week!  I'm headed to the National Harbor in Maryland for our University's Commencement Ceremonies for the next 3 days.  I have my workouts already planned so even though it's going to be super busy, my plan is to get out there and sweat a little before my days begin.

Check out this week's healthy recipe - Monterey Chicken - SOO yum!!

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