June 20, 2013

Non-Scale Victory Linkup - June 20, 2013


It's time for NSV Thursday!  Hello, Hello!
I absolutely love this linkup and I cannot say that enough!  Let's celebrate all of the little things we conquer that are NOT scale related.
This week, I had just a few:
1)  I traveled for work for 3 days and while I did not eat the best...okayyyy yessss, I pretty much ate like they were paying me to...but I digress...what I DID do was to get in as much activity to counter-balance said eating as I could.  Including lapping the green room when I wasn't walking to and from anywhere.  I even got up EARLY on two days to workout...if you don't know this already - I will workout until midnight in order NOT to have to set my alarm to workout in the morning, so this was pretty hard for me!
See, even Jillian agrees with me...
2)  Throughout the week, I was able to get in a lot of different workouts to keep things exciting.
3)  Lastly, it's been about 2 months and I decided to take my measurements and I was really happy with the results (last measurement was 4/17):
I'm down in the following areas:
Bust:  -1/2"  (Seriously??  I cannot afford to lose here, boo...)
Chest:  -1"
Stomach:  -1"
Butt and lovely tummy tire:  -1 1/2"
R thigh:  -1/2"
L thigh:  -3/4"
R calf:  -1 1/2"
L calf:  -1"
(My thighs and calfs {or is it calves?...okay, looked it up and the web says either!} made me laugh since they are clearly going at their own paces; never mind, what the other one is doing...)
So there you have it!  Hope you all had some great NSVs of your own!


  1. New follower here, from the blog hop! GREAT job this week! Keep on kickin' it!

  2. Wahoo on the inches!!! I lose in my bust first and gain there last...I hate it!! Good for you for getting moving even when you didn't want to get up!! Thanks for linking up!!

  3. Good job getting in those workouts!! And I would take the bust loss any day. For some reason I have giant tatas and those are NOT SHRINKING, even at almost 50lbs lost. But those other losses are great!!

  4. Here from the link up! Nice job getting up early to get your workouts in! I hate hate hate having to get up early so I totally understand.

  5. Great NSV! The inches are melting away!! I understand how hard it is to get up in the morning to exercise. I probably wouldn't make it! Kudos to you!

  6. Congratulations on the inches lost! Whoo hoo! Sometimes work can throw a kink in our schedules, but you did a great job getting your exercise in throughout the week! Way to go!!