October 31, 2013

NSV Thursday!

Only shot we've seen from the race - kinda blurry but I love that we are all in sync!

Hello!  It's NSV Thursday!

Last week was insane and so I didn't get a chance to post - this week, I have just one big NSV:  I ran my Blood and Guts Obstacle Race and it was AMAZING!

The race consisted of a 5K and 11 different obstacles.  I was more antsy about the running part because I HATE cross country and that was probably the hardest part for me.  Even though I run, I am a very mental runner and it's very difficult for me to run in a group.  But my team was wonderful, these girls have my heart; they have been with me training side by side for four months.  They are both faster runners than me but they stayed with me the whole time.  I loved that we got over and through every obstacle together!  The obstacles were fun:  hay bales, walls, mudslides, pits of gook, tires (which I completely bit in on - smack down on my face - nice!  Hubs said, "Guess you're not trying out to be a running back anytime soon..."), more walls, lots of mud, zombies...The worst obstacle was actually the cargo net...that sucker was probably 20 feet high and I crawled up without any issues...but when I got to the top, I was terrified.  I could NOT fathom how I would swing my leg over the top and crawl back down on the other side!!  I froze!  The cargo net was not the most secure, and everyone that was climbing up was on the same net; so it was all wiggly...But my buddy talked me through it and I held my breath and did it!  I was shaking by the time I got to the bottom and ready to cry from relief but there was no time!

We finished in under an hour and I cannot say it enough but it was truly a super fun experience and one I would absolutely do again.  Even though I think we were ready physically, I am still bruised and sore almost a week later.  The weird thing:  I don't bruise easily so I'm pointing these suckers out to anyone who will look at them - my badges of honor!

Here are some pics, but we are still waiting for action shots to be posted on the site - that part is annoying...

After the race, we hit a great restaurant and celebrated with pumpkin ale - best beer I've ever had, lol...coulda had something to do with the fact that I needed that sucker badly, but it sure tasted good...

If you have a chance to hit up an obstacle run, I highly recommend it.  Very fun, and challenging and such a sense of accomplishment!  I can't wait to do another one.

Have a great week, everyone!

Oh!  And Happy Halloween!  Our race costumes are doubling as our Halloween costumes, today and we are Zombie Slayers!