November 22, 2013

Back from Vacation!

Hello everyone!

We're back from vacation to San Diego and Denver and what an amazing time we had!!

We lived in San Diego for 6 years so it honestly felt like going home...however, we tried to do things that we didn't do while we were living there, like hiking.

I know, I know, I lived in one of the healthiest and best climates in the United States and I NEVER did anything healthy while I lived there - WTF was wrong with me?

Well, it's because I was fat. And unhealthy.

I'm not either of those things anymore...well, chubby, but not fat {wink}.  But I'm certainly healthy - that, I am sure of.  So we hit up Torrey Pines and the Cabrillo National Monument and we had a blast!

Some pics for you to enjoy:

We also had a wonderful time in Denver with our dear friends; what a beautiful, beautiful place!!  More hiking - I swear, hubs was such a trooper since hiking is not his cup of tea!  It made me so happy to have him along and he really did enjoy it.

In both cities, I ate way more food than I should have but I truly enjoyed my time and tried not to stress about it.  My goal was to keep busy so that at least I was burning some of those delicious calories and that's what we did.

This week I'm back to the grind and I can't say I'm loving it, lol - but I gotta work to pay for my next vacation, ha!  Hope you have a great week, everyone!

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