October 3, 2013

Non Scale Victories!


Hello lovelies!

My “No Weigh September” has turned into “No Weigh October”!!  Yup, that’s right, I’ve decided to continue to say “#$*%& You, Scale!” until early November when I will celebrate my 2 year Healthy Anniversary.  I’m not ready to give up feeling good about ALL of the healthy things I’m doing every day and I’m certainly NOT going to let the stupid scale ruin my positivity.

Which brings me to my favorite part of all of this:  Celebrating my Non Scale Victories with Katie and Ashlee!

My first NSV continues to be that I’m killing my weekend workouts.  I’ve been able to get a long run in (the last two weeks I’ve run 6 or more miles) as well as getting in some nice long bike rides.  I still get my work week work outs in, but I love the weekends when I really have the time to push a little harder and go a little farther.

My next NSV is not really all mine but I’m committing to helping a really great friend on her journey to her own healthy life.  In the past, it was hard for me to do this because it’s hard enough to stay on track when you’re on your own journey; I could barely help myself!  But I love my friend and I am ready to help someone else get healthy!  She has committed to No Weigh October, too.  AND, we already have a plan in place for the upcoming holidays.  I've let her know that the pressure is on and she does not have the option of "starting over" on January 1st.  We are not going to let the holidays ruin her momentum!

Finally, I’m happy to report that even though I’m not weighing, I did take my measurements and in one month, I have lost 4.25” AND I lost them off my problem areas:  my stomach, my butt, and my thighs…whoop!  Those freaking burpees, lunges, runs, bikes and squats are working!

What were YOUR NSV's this week??


  1. Wow I like this idea of no scales congrats on all the inches and great workouts :D

  2. That is a great nsv! Especially with those measurements!

  3. Great job! I love measurements! Cannot believe how many people don't take them.