May 2, 2013

Non Scale Victories May 2, 2013


It’s Non-Scale Victory Time with Katie and Lex!  And a Happy May to you!
This week wasn’t as eventful as last week, but I continue to feel great about NOT stressing about the scale.
I’ve concentrated on getting in my strength training, watching what I’m consuming and getting in my cardio.  I am in love with this fit chick that has busted out of the chains the scale held on her – she is an animal!  Of course, next week, I will actually get on the scale because I’ve designated May 10th as my May Weigh Day…well, look at that, I rhymed, ha!
When I do get on the scale, I will remember these words:
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One of the things I think I need to work on though, is feeling okay with NOT having a workout day.  It’s not that I don’t think I need a rest day, I certainly do.  On the weekend, I tend to be less stringent about the things I’m eating because all week long I’m pretty obsessed.  I never go all-out crazy on the weekends, but yes, I like to enjoy a pancake every now and again.  But the weekends are also usually some of my best workout days and I tend to burn a whole lot more because I have more time than I do during the week.  So even though I have a pancake, I feel like my workouts keep me in check.  However, with my injury last weekend, I had to be stricter on my calories on Saturday and that made me nervous; I really had to try hard.  Does anyone else feel that way?  Well, I did, but it felt great to have handled it, and I handled it well.  I was pretty proud of myself for that!
Still, there’s that little voice in my head that said, “You handled it, but it wasn't easy…and after all the hard work you put in, doesn’t that make you worry that you DON’T have it ALL together yet?”  Yah, it pretty much does.  I know that the food is the key for me – even though I’ve been doing this for 16 months, I still need to keep myself in check and food still seems to be my underlying issue.  I’m also a quantity girl; but I know when I’m feeling like a ravenous monster and those are the days that I have my B.A.S or Big Ass Salad.  You should see this thing…seriously, huge.  Or I cut up a bunch of broccoli and cauliflower and chow down on those.  So in a sense, I’m in control since I’m eating healthy and making healthy choices, but there is still that fat girl inside that wants to eat…a lot.
I wonder how long it will be a struggle and whether or not I’ll ever be able to let my guard down?  All I know is that I still need to be on guard for now and I'm going to keep on keepin' on because at this point, it's all I know to do!
So those are my NSV’s this week!  Which NSV’s are you celebrating??


  1. Oh the fat girl in me wants to eat alllll the time!
    I think that I'll never be able to "let my guard down." During the latter part of 2012 I just took a break from everything--I stopped working out for about two months, I let my clean eating go and BAM I gained 20 pounds in three months. THREE MONTHS. I was eating like it was my job and doing not much else. I hate it. I hate that I have to be so conscious of it but I know I will have to be that way for the rest of my life.

    And I call my big salads my Hugh Jass Salads. :)

  2. I also have a hard time letting my guard down and I beat myself up a little if I don't workout or do something physical every day. I can give my body a rest, but my mind sure doesn't like it. : ) I'm also with you on being a quantity girl... I'm feel like I'm always hungry!

  3. LOVE the quote! Thank you for sharing that! I agree with you that we can be perfect all the time. Not working out sometimes can be ok. Eating that pancake. ALl in moderation really!

  4. You know I've been struggling with not working out. Getting healthy and working out is such a mental game!
    Have a great weekend,
    Lulu and Daisy

  5. Great job this week. It is so much of a mental game. Physically we can do almost anything. I'm still in a place where I like quantity. I like my huge salads too! I don't think I will ever be able to let my guard down.

  6. I found your blog on the NSV linkup and started following on google friend connect because the B.A.S. made me laugh :)

    Ashley @