May 7, 2013

5K Linkup May 7, 2013


'Allo, Loves!

It's 5K Linkup time!

My running buddy and I got a copy of the map of the race course for our 5K so we took the opportunity to go out and run it.  You'll recall how I'm a planner and I've had some anxiety about the race for lots of reasons but mainly because I had no idea what I was up against.  We had high hopes but were a little disappointed because the map wasn't that clear and we sort of meandered the first go round.  We finally figured out the course and we were able to run the 2nd lap.  I have to admit, even though I have now seen the course, I'm nervous as HAY-AL about the race.  The course is very hilly, which isn't a super huge issue because my neighborhood is all hills so I'm used to running them, but the course is ALL grass.  As in not, even a trail.  On Saturday we went at about the same time the actual race will be and the grass was wet.  Anyone who knows me knows that I am clum-sy...with a capital CLUM.  So I'm looking forward to wet grass, hills, mounds and divots...please dear God, don't let me fall on race day, please don't let me fall...

I felt pretty good running it - even if it was slow to keep from twisting an ankle - but when I got to the end, I was dying...and I don't know why because I'm usually very good about pacing myself and/or slowing down when I need to.  I hope that won't be an issue on race day.

The other training we did was sprints.  And I have to admit, I think I like them better than running long distance.  Makes sense since in high school I ran the 100m.  We found some pretty flat ground (again, hard to do in my area) and we walked, jogged and sprinted for a full 3.5 miles.  This week, we are shooting for 4 miles.  It was great and a really great cardio workout!  Supposedly, it'll help us with speed.  Although, I really don't care about speed for this particular race.  My goal is to be in a running/jogging motion for the whole thing.  That's it, even if I'm just making the motions and moving at 3mph.

How was your training this week??


  1. Part of my 5k was on grass. I didn't like that at all. I would rather run on the roads. You'll do great!

  2. I prefer running on the sidewalks, I didn't like the grass either. You will do awesome though!

  3. I'm going to be completely jealous of your training this week, k? :)

  4. I am so excited for you! You are going to do awesome, and I can definitely see how grass would make you nervous! I cannot wait to hear how it goes for you!!

  5. Stopping by from the linkup! And I would be concerned about all grass too...(I didn't get a broken toe from being graceful!) but at least you got a feel for it and won't be totally taken off guard the day of the race! You're going to do great! Just be careful ;)