May 16, 2013

Before & Now Pics & Non Scale Victories Linkup May 16, 2013

It's time for my favorite post of the week!  What were your NON-Scale victories this week?
This week I have a few:
1)  I traveled to see my Mom last weekend and no matter which airport I was in, I used the stairs and walked vs. using the moving sidewalks.  Big switch from my old life where those modern advances were like little oasis's to a chubby chick carrying heavy bags.
2)  I didn't stress about eating on my visit - I ate things I don't normally indulge in and I didn't stress.  Since I'm weighing only once a month now, I realized last weekend that in the past, with Friday weigh-in looming, I would stress and stress about the wrong choices I made during the week.  In other words, I mostly didn't enjoy myself pretty much ever.  The thing with weighing less often is that when I weigh next month I'm not going to beat myself up for two days of enjoying myself!  When I weighed more often, I would get to weigh-in day and when I didn't see what I wanted to, I would pick apart EVERY.  LITTLE.  THING. I did during the week.  Do you know what that type of self destruction does to the mind??  So, did I mention I'm over stressing??
3)  I have before and current pics to share.  The first picture was taken at my highest weight.  I haven't shared it before now because I honestly had forgotten about it and a co-worker sent a bunch of old pictures out and this little gem was included.  This was from Halloween 2008 and my department decided to dress up as Beer Wenches (disregard the lovely wig).  My mom had to make my costume (back then she made a lot of my clothes to be honest) because there were no size 26 beer wench costumes out there.  The second picture was taken a few weeks ago.  There are 72lbs of difference in these pictures...but most importantly, tons of sweat, miles and miles traveled, thousands of hurdles tackled, and a strength I continue to amaze myself with:

The funny part about it when I look at these pictures, it almost looks like I compressed the top picture and stretched the bottom one.  I can assure you and promise you that the only editing I did was to crop them.


  1. Holy crap on a cracker!! You look AMAZING!!

    The reasons you listed are exactly why I divorced my scale. Weekly weigh ins mean I obsess over every.stinkin.little.thing I ate in the last week. I think it's awesome that you were able to enjoy yourself and not stress!


  2. Wow! You look amazing! You have made awesome progress, on and off the scale!

  3. You look amazing!! We have a big trip coming up next week, and I'm a bit nervous about my eating and workouts. I wish I had your will power to not weigh in so often!

    Tiff @

  4. Jenn, you are amazing! What an amazing transformation you've had thus far. I'm so excited to see where you will end up! :)

  5. I'm blown away! You look soooo good! Congrats to you - you should feel so proud!

  6. Jenn, you look fabulous! So beautiful! I'm so glad you've quit stressing over every little thing. So happy for you!

  7. Amazing!!!! You are so gorgeous by the way!

  8. Wow, what an accomplishment! You look fabulous. Congrats, 72lb difference is huge. I am getting so motivated now.


  9. That is doesn't even look like the same person!!! You are doing so well and making such great strides (hahaha, get it strides??) and I am so happy to be with you on this ride!