April 11, 2013

Non-Scale Victories Linkup April 11, 2013

'Allo, Loves!
It's my favorite post of the week!  Let's talk about our Non-Scale Victories; those little triumphs we achieve throughout the week that don't have anything to do with that darn scale!
My victories are actually kind of silly, this week - but I want to share them anyway.
It seems we went from Winter to Summer and no Spring in between here in the Mid-Atlantic.  A few weeks ago, I was wearing earmuffs and gloves to run and now I am trying to wear as little as possible to avoid dying of heat, while also trying to save the public's eyes from burning when they see me...it's a very fine line.
Anyway, with the warm weather, comes open-toed shoes and sandals.  One of my victories this week was slipping on a pair of strappy sandals that were always a bit tight on me and this year, they were loose even on the last little hole!  In fact - and I'm not so sure how I feel about this because I have some amazing shoes (my collection is over 100 pairs!) - ALL of my shoes are now too big, boo...I've gone from a size 7 to 6.5!  I started noticing this a few months ago because my shoes kept flipping off my heel.  I guess that means going out to buy some new ones, but who has the budget for that??  Well, I'll figure out a way, don't you worry about that.
Another victory was having a few of my neighbors cheer me on while I ran by them.  I know that's so little, but it felt really, really good!  And it felt even better to smile and wave at them all casual-like vs. choke on my own breath and hope they don't notice that I barely had the strength to carry my iPhone, let alone lift my 2,000lb dead weight of an arm in an attempt to acknowledge them.
And finally, the silliest victory came early in the week when my running buddy complimented me on my...ahem...booty.  Yup, my butt - I don't know why, but that was probably my favorite little victory this week because I don't have many admirable body parts but that's one I know I can work on.  Annnnddd, since obviously someone other than my hubby was looking at it, I figured I better ramp those workouts up gotta get firming it up!  So I did lotsa badonk exercises this week and this booty is sore!
What were your NSV's this week???
Don't forget to check out today's recipe at A Healthy MakeoverStuffed Spaghetti Squash, yum!!


  1. Doesn't it feel great to get compliments about your body and encouragement from friends and neighbors! Even I am excited and motivated by your posts!


  2. Love these! :) That is crazy about your shoes, though!! It is worth it, obviously, but shoes are even more expensive than clothes. You should sell them on ebay and then treat yourself to some new ones. :)

  3. Great NSV's, but sorry that your shoes may be too big! Oh well, I guess it might be time to buy more shoes!

  4. That is so great that your neighbors cheer you on! Great NSVs as always!!! thanks for linking up!

  5. I was trying on shoes the other day and thought have I lost a shoe size. I'd never really thought about losing a shoe size before, I was worried about all mine fitting too. I love shoes! :) congrats on others noticing a difference in you too. That always feels good! I need to check out that SS recipe. Looks delicious.

  6. Oh...when you lose weight, your feet get smaller too? I never know about this lol. so, times for shoes shopping.. Great NSV. Congrats!


  7. Great NSV's!! That stuffed Spaghetti Squash looks so good!!

  8. Drats...I guess you'll have to go shoe shopping. Want to ship me all those size 7 shoes that are too big for you now? :) Great NSVs!

  9. I never knew that your feet grew when you got bigger and vice versa. I had always heard it was from pregnancy, but really it all makes sense. I have a friend at work who had gastric by-pass and she pointed out that as you lose weight your shoe size will go back to normal. Since my feet "suddenly" became 8.5 instead of 8's the last few years, I'm working hard to get back into my 8's...on every level! Great NSV's. Sorry I'm late to the party!
    Happy Sunday,
    Lulu and Daisy