February 14, 2013

Non-Scale Victories Linkup Feb 14, 2013

Ahhh, Love!

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Even though I'm a girly-girl, I'm not a big Valentine's Day person...And please don't get me wrong, I love a day that is specifically set aside for love!!  You probably think I'm weird, but I'm of the mindset that every day of the year should be celebrated with love...corny, right?  But seriously!  A long time ago, my sweet Hubby said, "Why do I need a holiday to remind you how much I love you?"  Insert *swoon*...and we've never celebrated Valentine's Day again...And to this day, he has kept his promise to show me every day...even if it's just throwing away my recently used tissue (true story)...sweet, right?  Haha!

This year though, a couple of my girlfriends and I are getting together for Girls Night In and we're planning some healthy eats and chick chat!  I'm excited since we don't get to do this much.  I hope you and your sweetie or friends have something fun planned too!  If you don't have plans with others, be sure to plan to do something fun to celebrate you!

Since I missed last week's linkup, I'm going to incorporate two week's worth of NSV's - hope you don't mind!

1)  Shopped for vacation clothes and bought LOTS of things in smaller sizes...although I was a little frustrated with trying to find a formal dress...shopping is way more fun if you actually fit into a smaller size...I'm in-between sizes and although I reached my first big goal of 50lbs, I was a little deflated that I couldn't find a dress that looked nice.  I digress.

2)  Since my vacation didn't officially start until Sunday night, I didn't go into "eat everything" mode until we reached our first destination.  In the past, I would have hit the vacation button at 4:30pm on my last day of work.

2)  While on vacation I brought my workout gear and my heart rate monitor and I worked out every single day.  The treadmill isn't so boring when you're staring at the ocean!

3)  As soon as we got home from vacation, I got back on plan.  Vacation is over!

4)  I've been eating my weight in broccoli and cauliflower this week...not really, but for some reason I've been craving it and I can't get enough...hoping my digestive system  doesn't hate me, heh heh...

5)  I was super excited that I was able to have a decent picture of me taken on our vacation so I'm counting this one as an NSV, too:

6)  This isn't my own NSV, but I just wanted to give a shout out to all of my new blog friends who have made my journey so much fun and I'm super proud of all of you and YOUR NSV's - you inspire me!  We can do this!

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