February 18, 2013

Biggest Loser Linkup February 18


It's that time again!  Notice, I use a happy voice when it's been a good week??  I was super proud of myself for getting back on track so quickly after returning from vacation and it definitely paid off!

As I mentioned in my previous post, over the last year of my journey, pending vacations actually brought on a lot of anxiety (see this post from last July...HIGH anxiety!).  In the past vacations were the end of being healthy and coming back was even harder because I could never get back into my routine.  But something changed along the way and it became a lot easier to do it each time.  The great Hubs keeps telling me I'm not the same person anymore and I guess I'm harder to convince of that.  It does get easier to believe each time I overcome an obstacle.

This recent vacation was probably the biggest challenge because it was a cruise...the mecca of buffets and deliciousness.  I handled it and now, I've conquered another aspect:  losing the vacation weight right away! 

Weekly weigh-in:  -3.3 (Lost what I gained and another .2, whoop!)
Total on the challenge:  -4.4 lost
Total on my journey:  50.3 lbs lost

Now, let me tell you it was HARD...not hard to get back into my workout routine, but it was hard to not eat more than I needed to.  I think my stomach was still trying to go back to vacation eating.  Honestly, a few days I went to bed early just to get away from the kitchen because I knew it was going to be hard to control myself.

So I tracked and tracked some more, worked out and drank a ton of water and phew!  It's gone!  I'm back to being on the right track again.

I love this quote and I feel super proud when I read it:

I hope all of my BLC buddies have a great weigh-in, too!


  1. Great job, Jenn!! So very proud of you that you got right back on track immediately.

    1. Thanks so much, Ann! It helps to have my buddies cheering me on! I love this community we have!!

  2. Great numbers. Good job! Keep up the hard work.