July 25, 2013

Non-Scale Victories Linkup


Hello everyone!

I only have time for a quick NSV post this week!

Last year my company began an very large endeavor into healthy living and created a Wellness initiative for all of the employees.  Basically, if we participate in just a few of the programs, we could be eligible for discounts on our health care.  Of course I signed up!  One of the programs is to participate in a Bioscreening where our blood is drawn and an on site lab company gives us our results in cholesterol, blood pressure, glucose etc.  Yesterday, we had our annual Bioscreenings here at work and my NSV for this week is that ALL of my numbers have dropped dramatically!  In fact, my blood sugar has dropped 8pts since my own doctor tested me in April.  Then, it was at 80 and yesterday it measured 72!  I couldn't be more excited to see these numbers go down.  All of my numbers were in the ideal and desirable categories.  The optimal fasting glucose level is between 70-99; obviously I'm loving where I am at this point!  This level means a lot to me because it was only 10 years ago that I was diagnosed with pre-diabetes and I was put on medicine to control it.  That was scary at the time, but not scary enough for me to do anything about it :(  I took the medicine and let it do it's thing and didn't even try to help it along.  My levels at that time was 119...the range for pre-diabetics is 100-125...not only was I in the range, I was almost near the high level of the range.  That scares the shit out of me now...why didn't it then??  I can barely relate to that person anymore...she was weak and I am strong.  She had no confidence and I am gaining more and more every day.  I'm sad for that girl; the one who missed out on so many things because she was physically incapable or mentally afraid.  I am trying to forget that I wasted so many years like that and embrace the fact that I did finally get my shit together in time to enjoy a good part of my life before it's too late!  It was my dream to be healthy and I'm working hard every day to make that dream come true.

My second NSV is that I have gotten in my workouts this week despite being sick and for the past month I have been able to keep up my MORNING runs when in the past, mornings were not my thang.  Although I dread thinking about getting up in the dark, when my alarm goes off, I get up...I don't give myself any time to think about it because if I did, I'd lay there and feel guilty anyway!  No matter how tired I am, I have not missed my planned workouts.

My final NSV is sort of embarrassing for me only because I get  very uncomfortable with compliments and it's something I'm trying very hard to overcome; I should accept them proudly!  Today, a male coworker and I were chatting and I started to walk away and out of the blue he says, "Jenn, you're SHRINKING!  You look fantastic; I hope it's okay that I said that!??"  UM, hell yah it's okay that you said that!!  I was embarrassed and proud at the same time but it really made my day.

The good great news is that all of the hard work I'm putting in is showing up in so many ways in my life.  These are the moments that are absolutely, positively NOT SCALE-RELATED.


  1. Good for you with the numbers, that is fantastic!! I'm so happy for you and how awesome about the morning workouts!! I see them all on Instagram, isn't it so nice to get them over with?! Also whoop whoop on the compliment, especially from a man bc men are so dense when it comes to that stuff!!

  2. Great job, so proud for you!

  3. Happy for you! I'm so scared of diabetes. That's the reason why I want to lose weight. But I read from a healthy magazine that thin people can get a diabetes too. So it's not only about losing weight for me that matters but living a healthy lifestyle. And that compliment you get from your co-workers? That is the thing I've been dying to hear - when people started to notice your weight loss. I'm counting my days to the moment. Thanks for the inspiration.