January 11, 2013

Pit and Peak Linkup 1/11/13


I love this idea (and anyone who knows me, knows I love the Kardashians) of sharing our Pit & Peaks of the week.  I'm excited to take part!  So here goes:

I'm starting off with my peaks (two parts) because my pit came from them :)  I haven't been to Zumba in a month because my mom was here in December and I'd rather workout here at home with her than leave her to go to the gym.  So on Sunday, I FINALLY got to go back to my favorite Zumba class and just like it always is, it was a kickass burn.  I felt so good, surprisingly since I'd been gone for month!  I jumped around like a crazy person and shook my badonk like I hadn't shaken it in a while...I loved being back to the gym and I burned almost 600 calories by the end of the class.  I left there and then joined one of my workout buddies at my house and walked another 3 miles and I ended the day with over 1100 calories - awesome, right?!?

So here comes my pit :(  Monday morning, I was standing in my kitchen at work, doing something pretty substantial:  um, standing there.  I went to take a step and bam!  My knee gave out!  I could barely walk but somehow made it up to my office.  I have felt little tugs on my knees in the past - I mean, let's face it, they've been under some stress for the past 20 years - but this one hurt a little more...I couldn't just walk it off. I decided I'd sit and rest it for the day...I changed from my cute heels into some boring flats...and figured that I wouldn't do anything crazy and I'd be fine for my Monday night Zumba class.  Thankfully, I have a great team that I work with and one of my gals ran to CVS to get me a knee brace; it helped a lot.  I still had plans to workout...that is, until my gym buddy looked at me incredulously and said, "You are NOT going to the gym, you crazy person!  You are going to rest your knee."  So, I pouted, but figured that she was probably right.  I certainly don't want to do so much damage that I have to have surgery and be off my feet for even longer than a few days.

I started to think about why I was hesitant to "take a break".  I mean the old me would have taken any opportunity to NOT workout...hangnail?  Oh I better rest.  So what I came up with is something I've been thinking about a lot lately.  One thing that I've learned in this journey is that I sort of rely A LOT on my workouts to be able to enjoy a few extra treats in my day.  I don't go nuts, but it's nice to have a little bit of a cushion on some days.  The problem with this philosophy is that I still struggle mentally with my inner fat girl & I worry that at any moment I could lose all control and just go over the edge.  Does anyone else feel this way?  Hubby says that it's because I still don't know who the "new" me is and I certainly don't trust her yet.  He doesn't even know that old fat girl anymore; he only knows this new chick who rolled up and seems to have her crap together.  Which is pretty funny since we've been together 25 years and 20 of those years, I WAS that fat girl.  

But isn't it funny that even though my life is so drastically different that it used to be, that girl still just lurks there?  I wonder if I'll spend my life always trying to squash her?  In truth, I don't want to squash her; she is a huge (heh heh) part of me.  I liked her, quite honestly.  She was the girl who pointed me in the direction of this new me.  We're always going to be buds.

So, back to the other part of my peak, I relaxed a little bit (mentally and physically), rested my knee and ROCKED keeping my calories in check WITHOUT relying on my workouts.  I took two days off and then did a little toning with not too much cardio.  Next week my goal is going to be to do the same.  I want being able to manage my calories ALL the time to become a habit.

I only had a small loss (.7) but I need to start enjoying those small losses as much as I do the big ones.  Overall, even with an injury, a great week!  I hope you a week with more peaks than pits, too.

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