October 10, 2012

October 10, 2012

It's been a few weeks since I've journaled, only because I have had a lot going on at work and lots of visitors in town - no offense to my followers, but I love my family and friends and they came to visit so I HAD to make a choice!  You understand :)

We have had a mild Fall but the weather changed for us a few days ago and we are now into the "long pant" phase of the season...although Hubby is the last of the holdouts and will probably wear shorts until Thanksgiving.

Anyway, I'm stuck in a plateau again and just plugging along like I know I'm supposed to do.  But a funny thing happened the other day.  It was jeans day at work, and again it's cool outside, so I grabbed my "skinniest" pair of long jeans from last season and threw them on...they were baggy.  And not just a little loose...but saggy-butt-baggy...and I needed a belt.  I don't own belts...thing is, when you're fat, you don't need one and you're certainly not tucking your shirts in to show off a cool, fun, belt. 

So, back to the baggy jeans...all I can say is that I've heard about this moment happening to other people, have outwardly cheered for them, and secretly longed for the feeling myself...I am here to tell you that it was exactly as I had imagined it to be, and more...it was euphoric.

So even though my stupid enemy, the Scale, is not being nice to me (Bitch!), I can laugh in her face and shake my baggy jeans at her - ha!

It's a pretty great feeling.

The next fun phase:  shopping for new jeans...oh, and maybe a cute belt.

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