August 17, 2012

August 17, 2012

I lost that bag of salt…

Some of you may remember a few posts back where Hubby related my 23lb loss to “more than half a bag of softener salt”.  I was complaining (nothing new) and he was trying to help (nothing new, poor dude).  Well, I finally lost the other half of that bag J  I made it past the 40lb mark, yay!  I had super high hopes of getting to 50lbs by my birthday, but just decided to get wherever I would be by then and hey, 42lbs is just fine with me!
As promised to some of my dearest friends, I am posting my newest “after” (I guess it should actually be called “during”) pic.

One of the hard parts about needing to lose a lot of weight is not noticing the little things along the way.  I tend to look at each day or week individually but not the journey as a whole.  So I decided that a fun little way to keep seeing the big picture is to take notes of the things I’m noticing that I can actually do now that that first 40lbs is gone.  This part is actually hard for me to put out into the Universe.  Only people who have a weight problem - and for me, a VERY BIG (haha) weight problem - will understand.  If you haven’t ever had to worry or struggle with your size, you’ll see the things that you don’t think twice about when you are not big.  Here’s my list, try not to judge the old me too harshly:
1.    I can fit in a restaurant booth…comfortably…
2.    Stairs do not scare me anymore.
3.    I can buckle my airplane seatbelt…and tighten it.
4.    I can place my laptop, plate, anything I want to on my lap…cuz, um, I actually have one now.
5.    When I was on vacation last month, I climbed a big rock and jumped into the lake J
One of the biggest ways I have changed is that I am becoming more confident and believing that I can actually do things now.  And that’s a pretty great feeling.

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