September 10, 2013

Take Charge!

Good morning!

So today, I stopped at Panera to pick up breakfast for a meeting we have at work.  I’m not a big fan of Panera because I don’t think that their menu is altogether that healthy.  Are there healthier options than McDonald’s or Wendy’s?  Of course, but if you don’t research what you are eating, you’d be surprised at how many calories and fat are in say, Panera’s Bacon Turkey Bravo sandwich (790 calories & 28g of fat), or how about the seemingly even healthier option, the Mediterranean Veggie sandwich (590 calories and 13g of fat).  Did you know that the McDonald’s Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese has 750 calories and 43g of fat?  There are less calories in the Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese than the Bacon Turkey Bravo.  You HAVE to research these kinds of things because no one is going to tell you!  Well, except me…

I'm here for you...

So while I was at Panera, I asked them if they had any low carb options…and guess what?  They actually do.  It’s called the Hidden Menu…I had no idea.  And let me tell you, if anyone would know, it would be me…I can tell you the healthy options of most fast-food restaurants and there aren’t that many, so if you can’t make the healthiest choices, stay at home, ha!  So on this Hidden Menu they have a breakfast bowl and I took a picture of it for you:

Egg whites, ham, spinach, roasted red pepper and pesto:  190 calories and 7g of fat.

Why do you think Panera calls this the “Hidden Menu?”  Why aren’t they telling everyone about it??  It’s a conspiracy to make us fat, I tell you!  Just kidding…sorta.

My point today is that you have to take charge of your OWN healthy life.  Ask questions, create your own meal with choices that they have on their menu; I’ve done that a ton of times.  It’s a pain in the butt, but who cares?  It’s your money and it’s your life.  Speak up and ask questions.

Unfortunately, the Universe is not going to shower you with healthy choices just because you up and decide that today is the day.  This little journey you are embarking on is going to be hard.  Like every-day-uphill-both-ways-against-the-wind kind of hard.  You’re going to have to plan, work harder, think faster, plan, evaluate, bust your ass, and plan…did I mention that you have to plan?

I spend 85% of my day planning for what is coming up.  And by that I mean, I know before the day even begins what I am going to eat that day, and when I’m going to work out.  I usually know days in advance, actually.  Those are the first priorities I make for myself.  If I am going to go out to lunch with friends, I always ask which restaurant we'll be going to and then I go online and figure out what I'm going to have.  OR, I will save calories if we're going someplace that has something really worth splurging on.  You know why?  Because I’m obsessed; I’m obsessed with becoming a healthier person.  You have to be if you want to be successful.  And I do.  I don't have a choice.

Make yourself a priority.  YOU are worth the hard work.  Your family and your friends need and want you to be the healthiest you YOU can be.  So, do it…you CAN do it.


  1. That Ryan Gosling picture . . . enough said!

    I rarely go to Panera! I should check it out more. I've heard they have a "secret menu" of sorts that has some healthy options but that you have to ask for it.

  2. I go through all sorts of trouble finding nutrition information. Why do they need to have the menus be secret - just offer the darn stuff and put it out there where we can find it!!

    I'd love for you to share this with us at Tips and tricks Tuesday! Any of you your posts would be super helpful!

  3. Speaking of Panera now I want a sandwich I should go investigate the lunch options I have haha. Making myself a priority is always a struggle :D

  4. You go, lady! I try hard to plan my food and workouts ahead of time, too. It makes a huge difference in my ability to be successful. And I usually avoid Panera like the plague out of fear of all their tasty, tasty carbs. But their hidden menu has me very intrigued! Looks so yummy!

  5. I just found your blog from Pinterest. I'm really excited to make some time to read every blog you've written. I've been reading blogs for some time and it's become quite a hobby! I even began writing my own recently. I have a lot to learn but I enjoy it immensely!